Know Your Shape to Shape Your World

Take the ‘LIFE-SHAPES™’ online personality appraisal. Find out who you are and what you can bring to the movement. Every one of us has strengths and weaknesses; that is why we are called to be inter-dependent not independent. Learning about your shape will help you understand how you can impact the world around you.

How to take the appraisal

Note that this appraisal works best when it is done quickly without over-analyzing it. You will get the most accurate appraisal if you can do this quickly and without speaking to another person or asking other people for their thoughts.

To take the test, read the questions, and order the answers, 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest matching answer. Do this by dragging them to the order that is right for you.

When you answered ALL the questions, press the ‘Discover your shape’ – button.

What kind of event would you most likely create?

  1. Sensible, Structured, Safe.

  2. Provocative, Progressive, Planned.

  3. Intimate, Inclusive, Inoffensive.

  4. Competitive, Crazy, Casual.

If someone got hurt, it would bother me most if:

  1. They made me feel responsible.

  2. They shut me out and shunned me.

  3. They became over emotional.

  4. They forced me to slow down.

I like a leader who gives me:

  1. Patience, Honesty, Thoughtfulness.

  2. Challenges, Chances, Cash.

  3. Space, Freedom, Opportunity.

  4. Structure, Clarity, Time.

What would others never describe you as?

  1. Foolish and Flaky.

  2. Lazy and Late.

  3. Uptight and Unsure.

  4. Harsh and Heartless.

How would you describe your decision making?

  1. Solid, Sensible, Systematic.

  2. Strategic, Shrewd, Insightful.

  3. Intuitive, Influential, Inclusive.

  4. Practical, Positive, Powerful.

I can move forward because...

  1. I have the chance to collaborate with others.

  2. I have been shown the correct thing to do.

  3. I can change and adapt as I go.

  4. I understand the principle I need to apply.

What motivates you?

  1. A list to complete.

  2. A friend to help.

  3. A theory to explore.

  4. A problem to fix.

Your lifeshape is probably a !